'I'm Omaha Famous' [ILLUSTRATIONS]

'I'm Omaha Famous' [ILLUSTRATIONS]

I'M OMAHA FAMOUS - 9"x12" - 2013 & 2014
original illustrations (for coloring book) on Bristol paper / hand colored
sharpie pen, sharpie, & Prismacolor markers

$15 each / please select which illustration from the variation
stamped & numbered (1/1)
Illustration will ship flat in a sturdy cardboard mailer.

(Images are digital scans of original illustrations; the images have not been edited.)

(Variations in order of image order.)
native Omaha Celebrities include:Adam DeVine (actor / WORKAHOLICS)
Alexander Payne (director / ABOUT SCHMIDT)
Chris Klein (actor / AMERICAN PIE)
Conor Oberst (musician / BRIGHT EYES)
Erastus Benson (banker / land speculator)
Fred Astaire (entertainer)
Gerald R. Ford (ex-president)
Jaime King (actress / BLOW)
Jorge Garcia (actor / LOST)
Lüc Carl (Lady Gaga's "cool Nebraska guy")
Malcom X (human rights activist)
Marlon Brando (actor / THE GODFATHER)
Nicholas Sparks (writer / A WALK TO REMEMBER)
Nick Hexum (musician / 311)
Nick Nolte (actor / CAPE FEAR)
Reuben Sandwich (food)
Saul Kripke (philosopher)
Tim Kasher (musician / CURSIVE)
Warren Buffett (investor / philanthropist)
20 USD