'I'm Omaha Famous' [COLORING BOOK]

'I'm Omaha Famous' [COLORING BOOK]

"I'm Omaha Famous"  the coloring book.

Coloring book is 1/2 tabloid sized 8.5"x11" - 3 staple seam finish - full color cover & black/white line illustrations for your coloring pleasure.

native Omaha Celebrities included in the coloring book:

Gerald R. Ford (ex-president), Conor Oberst (musician / Bright Eyes), Nicholas Sparks (writer), Malcom X (human rights activist), Tim Kasher (musician / Cursive), Nick Nolte (actor), Saul Kripke (philosopher), Adam Devine (actor), Warren Buffett (industrialist/investor/philanthropist), Jamie King (actress), Chris Klein (actor), Jorge Garcia (actor), Elliott Smith (musician), Alexander Payne (director), Reuben Sandwich (food), Marlon Brando (actor), Nick Hexum (musician / 311), Luc Carl (Lady Gaga's "cool Nebraska guy"), Fred Astaire (entertainer), Erastus Benson (banker/investor/land speculator)

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